2019 Bus Schedules (Subject to Change)

All times are approximate.

On Friday, February 8, please be at the pick-up point 10 minutes before the given time. The bus drivers do not have names of riders, so they will not be waiting for you to show up.

On Saturday, February 9, buses will leave Des Moines at 4:30 p.m., Route A arriving in Waverly at about 9 p.m. and Route B arriving in Spencer at approximately 10 p.m. You can figure the amount of time between stops by reading the Friday schedule.

There will be dinner stops (Newton for A and Ames for B) both on Friday AND on Saturday, so bring money for food purchases if you think you will want to eat at those times.

Friday, February 8, Route A

1:00 p.m.    Waverly                        Hy-Vee          1311 4th St. SW

1:35             Waterloo                      Hy-Vee          4000 University Ave.

2:35             Cedar Rapids              Sam’s             2605 Blairs Ferry Rd. NE

3:10             Coralville                      McDonalds    I-80 Exit 240, 2794 Commerce Dr.

4:30             Dinner stop/Newton   McDonalds    4400 S. 22nd Ave. E

5:30             Arrive in Des Moines

Friday, February 9, Route B

12 noon      Spencer                      McDonalds  701 11th St. SW

1:15 p.m.    Algona                        McDonalds  1321 Hwy 169 N

2:45             Webster City              McDonalds  400 Fair Meadow Dr.

3:45             Dinner stop/Ames    McDonalds  129 S. Duff (the one closest to Lincoln Way, not at Walmart)

5:15             Arrive in Des Moines